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We work like a well-oiled machine

This list of trusted services are just a few of many in our wheelhouse. Every time you bring your vehicle in for a checkup, we'll make sure every part of your vehicle is fit for operation. We go above and beyond for no extra charge.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Maintenance

Carp, Stittsville, and Kanata's most reliable mechanic according to... well... everyone who's been here!


Oil Changes

Includes multi-point inspection of: exhaust system, engine filter, cabin filter, wiper blades etc. Full Synthetic oil available that fully meets your vehicles specifications

Complete brake service & component replacement (Calipers, Pads, Rotors)

Transmission/transaxle fluid change

Save your transmission from overheating. We use the specific fluids called for by the vehicle manufacturer.


Tire Changes

When the seasons change, it's important to change your tires to make sure that your car handles well in the environments.

Differential fluid change

Engine coolant

Make sure your engine stays cool when under load. We use the specific fluids called for by the vehicle manufacturer


Setting up geometry of suspension and steering to proper specifications. Ensuring proper tire wear and improved efficiency. Helping maximize fuel efficiency.

Diagnostics and Repair

Make sure your vehicle is performing optimally and save yourself money.


Complete engine diagnostic capabilities for most vehicles

R&R Auto uses up to date scanners and computers to hook up to your vehicles electronic systems and ensure they're running exactly as expected.

Braking system

Multi-point brake inspection to make sure your brakes are working properly and efficiently.

Heating and Air Conditioning System

Making sure your car stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer as well as ensuring proper airflow in the cabin.

Drivetrain Maintenance and Repair

Including drive shafts, transmission, axles, and wheel bearings. Have your car lasting as long as possible.


Electrical system

The computer on board your car needs to be tuned too. This includes testing your alternator starter and battery.

Tires and Wheels

• Access to a large variety of makes and models
• Installation and balancing
• Tire storage available

Steering and suspension

Regularly checking for worn components.

Exhaust Inspection and Repair

Keeping your car quiet and emission standards up to par. This will help keep your car performing clean environmentally.

Other Services

Carp, Stittsville, and Kanata's full-service mechanic.


Ontario motor vehicle inspection

Performing safety inspection in accordance with the ministry of transportation of Ontario and providing a detailed report.

Tire storage available

For people who don’t have the space or don’t want to be moving around heavy tires.

Pre-purchase inspections

Comprehensive inspection that goes above and beyond a safety inspection.

Addresses carbon build up in your engine

Majority of engines are direct injection which suffer from heavy carbon buildup on valves which can cause problems even on low-mileage engines.

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